Carli and Ed - Friars Court, Clanfield, Oxfordshire

“We wanted the wedding to be very laid-back, colourful and natural with a bit of a festival vibe. We also both love everything about the sixties – the fashion, colours, music, literature and so on – so this ended up becoming a bit of a theme.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“I really struggled to find my dress. I knew I wanted something relaxed and informal and had seen pictures of short dresses with sleeves that I loved but I couldn’t find one for ages. I tried on longer dresses but I always felt a bit like a little girl trying on her mum’s clothes. Finally my mum and I found the Pronovias Mijas dress. It was very nearly perfect, I just had to have it altered a little to suit.”

“I’m lucky enough to have the brilliant hair and make-up artist Alice Howlett as one of my oldest friends and so she did the honours on the day. Getting ready for your wedding is such a personal thing and I knew I’d be nervous so it was really lovely and relaxing to have my makeup done by a friend. 

 I wore a headband that my mum made for me using hemp ribbon and dried flowers from her garden. I wanted something quite organic and she somehow managed to make exactly what I had been imagining in my head, I couldn’t believe how perfect it was. All of my jewellery was from Etsy. I wore a couple of simple gold and pearl bracelets with pearl dewdrop earrings plus a little fish-shaped earring in my second piercing to honour my new surname.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“I’m rubbish in heels and thought walking down the aisle was probably a bad time to try to perfect this skill.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“My bridesmaids wore floral tea dresses from Lindy Bop. I wanted something colourful and floral to offset my white dress and to match our decorations and these were perfect. Plus they looked amazing on everyone.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“We chose Penguin Classic themed Save the Date cards and invitations from Feel Good. Ger and Amie were really helpful when it came to perfecting our design and we got everything really quickly. They also donate money from each sale to Macmillan Cancer Support.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

Ed’s suit was by Gibson London and his bowtie from SunLondon on Etsy. Ed’s best men and groomsmen all wore floral ties from Frederick Thomas.

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“We fell in love with Friars Court as soon as we saw it. It was the perfect mix of beautiful, natural, vintage, and rustic all in one. It allowed us to have an outdoor wedding (although August drizzle put paid to that on the day) and has a warm inside space with facilities for older guests.” “Meeting and discussing our day with the hilarious (and almost magically helpful) Jeffrey of Silver Pear Weddings sealed the deal. He was a godsend and I lost count of the amount of times he stepped in when I was worrying about various details. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

Ed and I met on the Isle of Wight ferry heading to Bestival. After three years we moved onto a narrowboat and after four years Ed proposed on a rowing boat at the beautiful Finn Lough resort in Northern Ireland. You could say we quite like boats.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

Carli and her dad were sung down the aisle to ‘Moon River’ by Hannah Robinson and Scott McKeon of Laurel Canyon.

“Hannah is a friend as well and has the most beautiful soulful voice. We felt incredibly lucky to have them both play at our wedding.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“That first hug with Ed when I reached the end of the walk down the aisle was lovely. We don’t normally spend that much time apart so not seeing him the night before and day leading up to the wedding had been really stressful. It was good to be back together again.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“Neither of us are particularly effusive and we were more excited about the dinner and dancing part of the wedding so the registrar kept the ceremony short and sweet. Ed did surprise me with a sneaky romantic speech later though.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“My bridesmaid Harry is a craft queen and had recently begun making her own jewellery so she ended up helping us make our own rings. We carved them out of wax before Harry took them off to a jeweller to be cast in gold. The carving process gives them a really raw finish that we loved.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“Our long list of talented friends includes a lot of musicians so we had jazz at our reception courtesy of the brilliant Joe Perkinsand Amy Hollinrake.” “For the dinner and dancing we made a Spotify playlist of our favourite songs. This worked really well and saved us a lot of money, though creating the playlist took forever.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

The couple chose the fabulous Harriet from Weddings Vintage to be their photographer.

“We loved Harriet’s vintage style and her knack for capturing candid and quirky moments. She was so easy-going from the outset that it was like having a friend around while I was getting ready and she made us feel so relaxed for our couple shots. She also captured some of my favourite funny moments from the wedding and all our guests commented on how lovely she was. We were blown away by our pictures in the end, I love them all. The photo package Harriet sends you after the wedding is also awesome.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“Since the rest of the wedding was quite simple and rustic we opted for mixed wild and English country garden flowers, supplied in buckets by Babylon Flowers. Juliet sent the perfect mix of flowers at a really quite incredible price, we were lucky to find her.” “We were also lucky that my mum is a dab hand with decorating and soon got herself a crack team of flower arrangers to get the marquee into shape the morning of the wedding. She also made my bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, and the boys’ button holes using her dried flowers.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“We had our marquee on the front lawn and our ceremony in the old barn. Luckily the couple who had got married in the barn the day before us had excellent taste so it already looked beautiful.”

“We decorated our marquee with mismatched wooden folding chairs, vintage cushions, bunting, fairy lights, and whitewashed trestle tables scattered with dried flower petals from my mum’s garden (my mum spent roughly eight months drying flower petals on her AGA).”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“Each table had an assortment of jam jars and bottles we’d collected over the year and filled with tea lights and flowers as well as vintage crockery and cutlery wraps made out of paper doilies, twine, and dried lavender. We also wanted to have something boaty at the wedding so we brought the traditional watering can from our narrowboat to fill with flowers.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“For our favours we chose scratch cards from Willen Hospice. They had cared for my granddad towards the end of his life and we thought it was a nice way to remember him and raise money for charity at the same time. We also made each guest’s name out of Scrabble tiles as a place holder.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“Luckily for us, Ed’s dad is an extremely talented cake maker. The finished result was a beautiful mix of simple white icing and sugar craft wildflowers that Terry had made by hand. We’ll get him on the ‘Bake Off’ yet. Terry also loaned us his naval officer’s sword to cut the cake, which we ended up having quite a lot of fun with.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“Our first dance was ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’ by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, a song we always listened to while boating.” “We followed it with ‘You Never Can Tell’ by Chuck Berry because most of the suppliers we’d met leading up to the day thought we were a teenage wedding.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“There were so many wonderful moments; getting ready with my bridesmaids – they kept me calm by making me laugh. Seeing the way my mum had decorated the marquee for the first time on the day, my dad’s speech, when my mum’s partner gave us a tiny replica of our narrowboat that he’d made by hand (complete with a mini bride and groom and a mini version of our dog), dancing with our favourite people – some of whom had come from whole different continents to be with us.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

Words of Wedded Wisdom

“It’s the good advice (that I just didn’t take) but try not to worry too much. Don’t worry about the weather – it rained on our day which was the worst case scenario for our outdoor summer wedding but it was all fine in the end. The ceremony in the barn was beautiful and our umbrella pictures ended up being some of my favourites. Don’t worry about the details either – leading up to the wedding I was stressed about so many tiny things that ultimately I barely registered on the day.

In the end we realised that all that mattered to us was good food, drink, and music so pick your priorities and everything else will fall into place. Also, delegate. Our parents, family, and friends all helped out in various little (and massive) ways and the wedding would have been impossible without them.”

A Short Pronovias Dress For A 60's Festival Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )


Sinead and Jim Balham Bowls Club Wedding

The Venue

Sinead The Bride: Our wedding was always going to be a relaxed affair with lots of fun thrown in and whichever venue we chose, it had to accommodate this. We are both chronic ditherers, so it felt reassuringly out of character when we had no doubts about booking the first and only reception venue we visited. Balham Bowls Club’s eclectic decor suits our personalities perfectly, and the ballroom upstairs was the ideal size and layout for our plans. Wandsworth Town Hall is a short drive from Balham, and we loved its gloriously kitsch Art Deco interior. 


I didn’t want to want to look too ‘done up’ and the overall style I was going for was pretty laid back, so I did my own makeup on the day (accompanied by our cat, Ziggy!). I spent a year growing my hair so that I could wear it in a fishtail plait, and put together a Pinterest board of the styles I liked. I had a hairdresser called Toosdee come to my house on the morning of the wedding. She was super-quick so we were done in about 20 minutes!

The Bride’s Fashion

I wanted a simple, vintage style dress and I wanted it to be pink. I work for an online fashion retailer called Avenue 32 and we stock the Ready to Wear collection from a designer called Charlie Brear, who also happens to create beautiful, yet simple, wedding dresses. Not long after we got engaged, I went along to Charlie’s beautiful store and tried on a couple of dresses, however, they didn’t really feel like me. 

Then one of the assistants came over, asked me a bunch of questions, scurried away and came back with a blush pink silk overdress. As soon as I tried it on, I knew that it was much more my style than anything else, so didn’t hesitate snapping it up. I needed a slip to go underneath the blush pink wedding dress and found the perfect ivory silk bias cut Amanda Wakeley slip, thanks to one of my good friends. 

I wanted a simple ribbon belt, so I made one myself using an ivory ribbon and a beaded motif that I found online. Necklace and earrings were courtesy of my mum and I also went with a delicate hand bracelet from Heirloom Envy, which I found on Etsy. I wanted shoes that weren’t too high, would make a little statement and that I could wear again – I found the perfect pair from Tabitha Simmons.

Getting married in April, I hoped for a sunny day, but knew it would probably be cold, so my mum kindly offered to knit me a fluffy ivory cardigan. Apparently it was a nightmare to make as the wool was so fine – but the finished piece looked beautiful. I didn’t want a veil, so opted for a flower crown from Artisan Dried Flowers, with Lavender and Gypsophilia.

The Groom’s Fashion

I had read about a tailor in Chiswick called Adam Waite, who makes sharp suits and accessories in bold colours with a modish twist. James always wanted to get married in a blue suit so Adam Waite was the perfect choice. He teamed the 3-piece suit with a navy woollen tie by Adam Waite, floral shirt from Paul Smith and brown brogues from Loake

My gift to James on the day was a vintage sapphire tie pin to complete the look. I snuck it into his jacket pocket with a little note for him to find when he was getting ready. He loved it!

We asked the four groomsmen to wear navy suits, and bought them each a sky blue tie (also from Adam Waite) to wear on the day, along with dried flower buttonholes which matched my flower crown. 

Colour Theme

We didn’t set out with a colour theme but based on our outfits, it evolved into pale pink, blue and ivory. We were lucky that Balham Bowls club doesn’t need much decorating as they have a great collection of antique props lining the walls of the venue, so we simply added to this with flowers, more vintage-style props and our own personal touches. One of James’s friends also made us some personalised bunting with our names in floral blues and pinks, which we hung at one end of the room. 


The idea of carrying around a bunch of flowers all day didn’t really appeal to me. Instead I opted for a delicate wrist corsage, also from the Artisan Dried Flower Company. I prepared the flowers for the reception venue myself. I ordered some wholesale Hydrangeas and Gypsophilia online from Triangle Nursery, which were delivered a couple of days before and wallowed in our bath until needed.

I cut them down to size and painted what seemed like endless tin cans and jars and decorated them with hessian and lace bows. These were placed around the venue and used as vases. Special thanks to my mum and dad for eating nothing but pasta and jam for six months so that we’d have enough jars! At the time, I thought the flower prep would never end, but it looked great on the day and we definitely saved money doing it this way.

The Ceremony

I’m usually a bit emotional at weddings, so I was too focussed on not crying to be nervous on the day. My mum and my friend Kate joined me in the car to the ceremony and it was a really lovely drive over. 

I’ve never been keen on the idea of being ‘given away’ so James and I had planned to walk into the Grand Chamber together, accompanied by our gorgeous flower girls. I had a brief flutter of nerves when entering the room but once I was in it just felt so nice to just have all of our friends and family together in one place.

We had two readings, which were perfect: an excerpt from the Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams (I’m love rabbits!); and The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields. 


Music is really important to us, so we wanted a quality band who looked and sounded great, as well as appealing to all the generations. We went with a rock ‘n’ roll group called The Flip Top Floozies and they were amazing! As soon as the first note struck up, absolutely everyone was on the dance floor and didn’t stop for the rest of the night. 

For our first dance we chose Earth Angel by The Penguins as it was on the band’s set list and we liked the Back to the Future connection. After the band finished our friend (and professional DJ) Fergus De Witt kept the party going until the wee hours. 


Having flowing drinks and great food was also really important to us and Balham Bowls Club had the perfect menu. We had champagne and canapés in the downstairs Presidential Suite first and the wedding breakfast included salmon roulade and ham hock terrine followed by fillet of beef or sea bass. 

The meal was even better than expected and we had lots of compliments about it, so hats off to the BBC chef for his hard work! We also had a bake-off style homemade cake buffet table, which we decorated with flowers and blue bunting. Guests were encouraged to bring cakes, I baked three the day before and my friend Claire baked what seemed like an endless amount of treats – she was the hero of the day! 

James also surprised me with a croquembouche (I had always wanted one), which was delivered straight to the venue – it was amazing. 

We put photo booth props on the tables, and every guest was given a blue or pink striped candy bag filled with love hearts, a themed crossword (set by James), and ice-breaking quiz questions.


We’re both quite creative and work in digital, so we designed our own invites, table plan and website. We borrowed a vintage postbox from a friend, and bought lots of antique decorations on a trip to Norfolk.

We had our own pub blackboard, which James painstakingly personalised with chalk pens. Place names were simply labels on the candy bags and I created the table numbers with mini doilies and skewers. 


We really wanted some great photos of the day, so early on I started my search for the perfect photographer. I wanted the photos to have a relaxed feel and to fit into the vintage look of the day. A friend on Facebook had got married and posted her photos, they were just the style I was looking for, so I tracked down the photographer, Harriet from Weddings Vintage. We didn’t meet before the day (she was coming down from Manchester), but she was so good – the perfect photographer: discreet yet captured all of the shots that we could have wanted. We couldn’t have been happier! 


One other element that I had always wanted on my wedding day was to be driven to the venue in a Karma Kars. I had seen them at an event about 10 years ago and absolutely loved them! Sacha, our driver, was a dream to work with – he arrived early at my house in his white vintage ambassador’s car and regaled us with stories on our journey to the registry office and then onto the reception venue. He was also a big hit with the guests as they mingled outside the town hall.


Susie and Roberts Vintage Tipi Wedding Wales

Susie and Roberts gorgeous outdoor vintage wedding in Anglesey also happend to fall on my birthday and I can honestly say it is one I will truely remember! Read all the detais below from Susie herself. 
As featured on the brilliant Rock My Wedding 

Patricia The Bride: Australian meets Brit love story. Rob and I met in my hometown of Brisbane while Rob was on holidays and we were both instantly smitten. I moved to the UK to start our lives together and we got joyously engaged in Barcelona. We always knew our wedding would be an epic event to celebrate the joining together of our lives and homes and with more than 30 Australians (including my 7 brothers and sisters) flying over for the event we decided to have a whole week of celebrations culminating in one almighty wedding!

The Venue

Both the wedding ceremony and reception were held at Tros Yr Afon on Anglesey. Rob grew up in the town of Beaumaris nearby and his Grandma is actually a neighbour of the venue and used to attend cocktail parties there in the 1950s so it held a lot of sentimental value. We were very lucky, it was the first and only place we went to see and we loved it from the start. A key feature for us was the extensive on-sight accommodation in the form of beautiful quaint cottages around a courtyard and also the beautiful green spaces and trees and lush rainforest area.

We hired Tros Yr Afon for the entire week and with new people arriving each day the build up was amazing. James the owner and Jen who runs the venue were unbelievably helpful and attentive and so great during the planning process. We can’t speak highly enough of Tros Yr Afon. It is amazing! We knew we wanted a tipi from the start as they are so much more warm and personable than a white marquee and All about Mee tipis were fantastic and very accommodating and had all the extras we could hire to make the tipi really personalised. 

We wanted the day to be intimate and relaxed. We wanted the night time to be LOTS of dancing and fun in the tipis until the wee hours. The location allowed perfectly for this and only needed all our favourite people together to make it the best party ever.

The Beauty

My make up was by the brilliant make up artist Rhiannon who I highly recommend. She was amazing in the trial, very patient and helped me decide on my look for the day which I wanted to be natural but glam. She was also so relaxed and lovely on the morning when getting ready which is important with so much going on.

I wanted to feel super glam and special but stay away from anything too formal or typically bridey with my hair. Elaine Marshall did a fabulous job of my hair and my bridesmaids. I went with my hair swept to the side during the day as I wanted to show the back cut out of the dress. I wore fresh flowers and some hairpins worn by Rob’s grandma for her wedding! In the evening my bridesmaids helped me change my hair to an out do with my headpiece on.

The Fashion

I wore a beautiful dress by Suzanne Neville from Carina Baverstock Couture. My best friend and maid of honour Gemma came to the UK to visit us and we went with my girlfriends to try on dresses. I fell in love with it from that very first day and no other dress came close. Her designs are gorgeous, classic and very flattering and I adored the button detail all the way down the back. It was so comfortable which was really important to me as I didn’t want to be restricted on the day. I made sure to get a bustle and hook added to the dress so I could move around freely in the day and dance the night away.

In the end I choose not to go with a veil as it seemed too formal for our garden location but knew I wanted something special to wear! I found a design of a beaded draping headdress I adored and found a designer on Etsy to create something very similar. I loved having a daytime look with the flowers and hairpins and being able to change into a night time look for a bit of extra sparkle! I kept everything else simple and other than my wedding ring only wore a bracelet my new sister-in-law wore at her wedding which had sentimental value. As gifts to the bridesmaids I found them little rose coloured studs again on Etsy that they could all wear on the day.

The Wedding Party

Our bridal party was made up of our nearest and dearest friends and family and we wanted them to feel amazing on the day. We kept with the blue and pink theme and the girls wore dusty rose coloured dresses from For Her & For Him which we decided on together. I knew I wanted a maxi dress and the halter-neck grecian styling was classic and flattering for all.

Rob knew he wanted blue three piece suits without tails. The groomsmen met up in Manchester for a weekend to try on suits. They went into Slaters and they had a great dark blue suit with a fantastic fit and styling. The assistant suggested a victorian collar for the white shirts which lifted the outfit from a smart suit to a wedding outfit. They placed the order there and then and were in the pub an hour later. The boys wore dusty rose ties which were purchased separately to complement the girls dresses.


Colour Scheme

The flora/trees and beautiful old house with creeping vines was the perfect backdrop so décor wise we just kept things very simple. We wanted a bright colour that popped and looked great with the natural green setting and hessian tipi so we chose a fuchsia pink and navy blue with mottled silver accessories candle holders and vases. This theme ran through the invitations and décor such as paper globes hanging in the tipi and trees and paper bag lanterns that were put out at night all purchased online. One of the best purchases of our wedding was 100m of outdoor fairy lights which was strung up by friends in the foliage which created a sparkly romantic atmosphere.

We managed to borrow an arch and friends covered it in ivy they had collected and beautiful blooms were added on the day. It was a perfect backdrop on the day and all the more sweet as it was put together by our loved ones.

The Blooms

We spent a lot of time gathering inspiration through Pinterest, The Lane and of course Rock My Wedding for different details. I wanted the bouquets to be relaxed and not stiff or formal. The flowers were styled by a family friend Karen (who is a retired florist and also did Rob’s sister’s wedding) who I met with and showed her some ideas of colour and style I liked – again with lots of green foliage and popping pink colours. She took it from there and created our gorgeous bouquets, buttonholes, flower arrangements for the tables. She also wired fresh pink flowers that were placed through the bridesmaids hair and created my lovely fresh flower hairpiece.

The Ceremony

Walking down the aisle with my dad was the best, he was so sweet and proud and excited for both of us. I walked down the aisle to Calico Skies by Paul McCartney a song we choose together. Neither of us are religious but wanted the ceremony to have structure and really represent us as a couple and focus on what a loving relationship was. We wanted to declare our love for each other in front of the people who had supported us and were invested in us from the beginning of our crazy journey.

My sister Rosie officiated the ceremony and was absolutely perfect! We worked on the structure and wording with her and pieced it together from inspiration we found online researching Humanist ceremonies. Rob’s sister read an excerpt from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres. My other sister Karen read a poem she had written and then my third sister Chrissi (there are four!) officiated a wine box ceremony. Writing our own vows was the best thing we did and although an extremely emotional task, it was so worth it on the day.

The Reception

We believe good music is essential to any good party and we had decided we didn’t want live entertainment. For music over the whole day we asked three wonderful friends, whose music taste we really like, to put together playlists. One for the post ceremony drinks, one for the early evening and one for the late night party! This worked really well. The dancing music was electro swing which pleased both the youngsters and oldies.

Our first dance was to Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye. We chose this because we didn’t want it to be too serious. We wanted the party to start from there so wanted something everyone would find entertaining, not just us. The night was filled with many hours of dancing and some very excellent dance moves!

Food, Drink & Treats

Food is very important to us and we wanted the food throughout the day to be delicious and fun. For the evening meal we wanted the it to be more like sharing a meal with friends so we had large round tables supplied by the tipi company and we shared our table with our kick ass bridal party. Our caterers were a recommendation from a friend. We wanted to avoid formality and they were great in helping us plan out the menu, listening to how we wanted the day to go. They suggested that canapes are the most memorable part of the day so make them the best! They were delicious and perfect for milling about in the sunshine with drinks.

We had a sangria that was made up the day before which which was a fave with all and really refreshing. We went with a Morrocan style main meal starting with dips and breads and a lamb tagine served on a brass sharing platter with cous cous and accompaniments. It was delicious! There was no served desert but we had a desert table created by Rob’s amazing mumma which had cupcakes decorated with Welsh and Australian flag edible paper butterflies. Our wedding ‘cake’ was tiered round cheeses with grapes, figs and biscuits supplied by Liverpool Cheese Company. We thought when people are drinking they prefer savoury and we were right. There wasn’t a morsel left and we started with 10kg! The late night snacks which are essential were provided by our good friend Sarah. Truly inspirational snack age!

The day after the wedding we invited everyone back for a Hog Roast and more celebrations. The Hog Roast was perfect for the day after and fed the masses while we lounged in the sunshine and finished off the remaining drinks!!

Stationery & Favours

My talented and lovely sister helped me design and create all the invitations and paper details all the way from Australia. She created a gorgeous motif of our names which we used throughout the wedding. Our table plan was a map of the world with all of our favourite places in the world as the tables. Our favours weremagic heart glasses which make all points of light a love heart so are amazing with lots of sparkly night time lights.

Advice & Special Moments

Enjoy the whole day! Put some planning into the morning getting ready part as this is one of the most fun parts! I will forever treasure getting ready with my beautiful bridesmaids. My mum prepared us delicious brunch platters and and we had bubbles flowing and tunes playing and much giggling and excitement.

A very lovely moment for me was when my mum presented me with a gift from my Australian grandparents who could not with us. My nana had sent four gifts ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ each with its own story. It was so special.

Make sure you take some time during the day just the two of you to smooch and soak up the amazingness of what is happening around you. Everything is buzzing so make sure you take the time to pause and take it all in! We snuck away into the woodland area and our photographer got some lovely snaps in there which are some of my faves.


Capturing the day and all of the special moments of it was extremely important to us. Harriet was amazing at getting the whole day, telling a story from beginning to end with lots of natural relaxed shots between people and minimal group photos except for some with family & bridal party which we love! We loved the vintage look of her photos and she captured some moments we will treasure forever.

Photography by Weddings Vintage

Casie and Tom - Rustic Vintage Devon Wedding

The beautiful Casie and her rustic vintage Devon wedding featured on Rock My Wedding - oh take me back!!

Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage

Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Bride & Groom Bridesmaids Transport Table Plan Vintage Wedding Photography Rustic Wedding
Image by Weddings Vintage
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Image by Weddings Vintage
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintage
Elegant Traditional Wedding In Devon with Bride In Dress By Mirror Mirror And Images From Weddings Vintag


Casie-Georgia The Bride: Tom and I met whilst at university at one of Southampton’s student bars called “KAOS” – not the kind of place you would expect to meet your future spouse in! Four years later, having lived apart for a year, had a few job changes and bought our first home together, Tom proposed the day before his 24th birthday party as the sun set over London. I was speechless for the first time in my life.

The Planning

We booked our church and venue within a month of being engaged and, coincidentally, the date available for our wedding would be exactly a year to the day Tom proposed! In the year of planning we spent most of our days using Google or browsing RMW – I’m afraid our social life was quite neglected (sorry friends!)

We have always made a great team and, although we don’t agree on everything, luckily, we had the same vision for our big day; simple, elegant and, most importantly, that our family and friends would have an amazing time that they would always remember.

The Church

We decided to get married in the South Hams in Devon. We don’t have any particular links to Devon although we had enjoyed Tom’s dad’s 50th birthday in Dartmouth so we wanted to try and mirror this weekend of happiness.

Tom and I both wanted to get married in a church but we had no links to the local parish at this time. The village vicar, Anne, supported and guided us as to what we would have to do to fulfil the legal requirements. This was to involve making the trip from London to Devon nearly every weekend for a year! However tired and weary those trips made us it was all worth it to be married in a church by her; she is wonderful!

The Dress

I had always imagined that I would get married in a lacey, bohemian dress but I seemed to be veto-ing every lacey and bohemian dress that I tried. This was meant to be the dream but I had no idea! Eventually, I tried on a dress that was made of satin, with beaded arms and back. The style was very different to what I had been looking for as it was much more glamour than bohemian but we fell in love with it straight away. My Mum lovingly handmade my veil (something she hadn’t made before!) and it was the perfect finishing touch!

The Colour Scheme

Tom and I decided that our colour scheme should be mainly white with hints of pink and gold. This was to be brought out mainly in our flowers, which were arranged by the wonderful Caroline Hodges. We managed to re-use the flowers in the church windows for our table centre pieces, thus saving us a lot of money – and nobody noticed! Tom’s Mum and Aunt decorated our wedding cars using the same flowers. The bridal car was a white Land Rover Defender 90 and a red Defender 110 was used for the bridesmaids. We were lucky that these cars are in the family as they meant much more to us than a borrowed Rolls Royce and fitted in perfectly with the countryside setting. Tom’s dad also reinvented the Land Rover logo just for us!

The Food

As I said previously, the most important thing to us was that our guests had an amazing time. A huge part of this for us was to be the food and entertainment. Unfortunately, we did have a huge issue with the food that was being offered to us at tastings prior to the day. We stood our ground and insisted on changes; eventually our venue began to take note and, on the day, the food was delicious. It did, however, take us a long time to get there. My advice is that you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your concerns! You’re the paying client and the venue/chef needs to make sure you’re happy.

The Entertainment

A long time was spent online looking for our wedding band: we seemed to be listening to demos of what seemed like the same old wedding band each time. We are probably fussier than most but we didn’t want an average wedding singer/band. When we found The Sweet & the Lowdown we were smitten! Modern retro with an old style microphone! It wasn’t easy booking them – we had left it a little late but we are so grateful we managed to because they were amazing! Everybody danced all night and we were all shouting for another song at the end of their set; nobody wanted them to leave. Since the wedding, we have had to pass their details on to a lot of our friends who are now planning their own weddings.

The Wedding Party

Tom had five groomsmen (three of his cousins and two of his best friends). We can’t thank them enough for how helpful they were on the day. Indispensable!
And the bridesmaids – my three best friends and Tom’s sister – what would I have done without them? They were on hand with lipgloss, deodorant and champagne at all times!


I love planning, especially for a party, but I wasn’t quite prepared for wedding planning. A few words of advice for all in the midst of wedding chaos:
put time and effort into your table plan. People will appreciate this!

Finer details make a difference – our champagne saucers were a huge hit as it was something different!

Make sure you split the organising 50/50 as much as possible. People often think that the groom is not interested in planning the day but Tom and I agreed from the start that if one of us wasn’t happy, then we would make sure we thought of something else that we both liked instead. We both put as much effort into planning and we now have a day that we are both very proud of!
Enjoy yourself, even if things don’t go to plan – you will never get this day again.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who was a part of our wedding – for making the effort to come down/up/across to Devon! The day was only amazing because of you all.


Emma and Kate // Vintage Manchester Same Sex Wedding

Image by <a href=

The Venue

Emma and Kate The Brides: We married at Hyde Bank Farm in Romiley which is a beautiful, idyllic farmhouse style setting. We chose it because it took Emma back to her childhood, growing up on a farm. We kept the ceremony short and sweet surrounded by our nearest and dearest.

The Brides’ Fashion

Emma went for an au naturale look, using Chanel make up and finishing it off with a cheap and cheerful hairpiece from Claire’s Accessories. Kate chose a classic up-do in keeping with the 1950’s style with a hairpiece from Debenhams and makeup by M.A.C.

Emma designed her own dress which was made by a local seamstress and cost a bargain £125! The dress combined a skater style skirt made elegant with a lace body and 3/4 length sleeves. This dress made me feel comfortable as I don’t often wear a frock!

Kate wore a Monsoon dress called ‘Emily’ proof that the high street makes beautiful wedding dresses in a tea length which is my all time favourite vintage style. We kept our dresses a secret from each other but found they complimented each other perfectly!

Bridesmaids & Flower Girls

We had three bridesmaids, who are our sisters. They each wore navy blue dresses from M&S called the ‘multiway dress’ and shoes from Debenhams. They wore wrist corsages with a bright yellow sunflower in keeping with our navy and yellow colour scheme. We also had three little flower girls who each wore a floral navy and yellow dress from Jasper Conran and a young ring bearer wearing a navy suit from Next.

The Colour Scheme

We opted for a navy and yellow colour scheme; we loved how these two contrasting colours compliment each other perfectly and they just happen to be each of our favourites too! Our location made our theme so we incorporated lots of hessian and birdcage centrepieces to finish things off. All of stationery was handmade by us with a little help from our friends, including our invitations, place settings, favours and seating plan. We chose a typewriter font on brown parcel type card in keeping with our hessian and rustic theme. Most of the tools and supplies were from Country Baskets and Hobbycraft.

The Flowers

We chose sunflower wrist corsages for our bridesmaids and beautiful gypsophilia hessian tied bouquets for ourselves and sunflower buttonholes which were all beautifully arranged by Carla at The Classy Room Company, Romiley. The sunflower centrepieces were handmade with love by Kate’s Mum.

The Entertainment

Our friend Mel provided afternoon entertainment with an acoustic set, in which Kate with much persuasion joined in with. Bacon butties throughout the evening kept the guests fuelled for a night on the dance floor. Our first dance was Al Green – Let’s Stay Together remixed at the end with the YMCA to fill the dance floor!

The Food

We had a traditional wedding breakfast; a delicious three course meal at Hyde Bank Farm. We continued the food theme in our favours with sweetie jar favours for the children and homemade lemon curd in mini jam jars with a navy gingham lid for the adults.

The Photographer

The best advice we can give to future couples is to find the best photographer you can. Once the guests leave and the cake is all gone, the photographs are what you treasure for life. We did find the best photographer in Harriet from Weddings Vintage, we were made to feel at ease from our very first meeting and the images are amazing.


Caroline and Rob

Caroline, Rob and THAT SMILE feature on Rock My Wedding

Caroline The Bride: Shustoke Farm Barns was the first, and only, venue we visited. We set out to find a relaxed and rural location, a nod to both our families farming heritage; Shustoke embodied this perfectly. This beautiful former working piggery was three quarters of the way through its transformation into wedding venue. Even unfinished, it was a show stopper. But the deal clincher was when the usually shy Rob suddenly started to get involved in the questioning – particularly in relation to the rotisserie and barbeque cooking method… It was booked before we left the premises.

The Dress

I really struggled to find a dress that was a bit different, but still within budget. I soon realised that I would not find it in a high street shop. I had such fun at Luxe Bridal, a specialist Vintage Bridal Dresses supplier in Birmingham’s custard factory. Although I did not find my dress here, it helped me to realise that a vintage dress was for me. Next stop was Charlie Brear in London, where I found my simple 60’s boat neck gown, complete with lace four leaf clovers for extra luck. I only wish I knew the story of who wore my dress 50 decades ago. I took it back to Birmingham to be altered by the very talented seamstress Jen Devereux, who also cut away the back into a low scoop and changed the silhouette to form a slight fishtail.

The Shoes

The vintage style of Rachel Simpson shoes (Eva in Ivory) married perfectly with my dress, not to mention being incredibly comfortable. I wore the locket my mum had on her wedding day and simple pearl studs, borrowed from Nicci, one of my bridesmaids. I kept jewellery to the minimum, as I knew my flower crown was going to take centre stage.

The Hair

As soon as we got engaged, I started ‘project hair’, even delegating research & development to one of my bridesmaids. This was tongue and cheek as I have a reputation for faffing with my locks! Which was why my decision to wear it down was probably an unusual choice: I was at the mercy of wind and frizz. I am so glad that I decided to go ‘au natural’, as it suited the comfortable feel of the whole day. In hindsight I would have asked my hairdresser to plait it for me for the evening reception, as it looked a little bedraggled come 8 o’clock!

Bridesmiads & More

I have a close circle of high school friends, so when we got engaged I knew it was all or nothing. I chose all! Including my fabulous sister and sister-in-laws, I had tallied up 8 bridesmaids. Although chaotic at times, as well as a logistical nightmare, I would not have had it any other way. During my hours/days of internet trawling, I stumbled across an Almari floral dress from the internet shop Closet. By some sort of miracle all the girls felt comfortable in it. Three pregnancy announcements later, one of my bridesmaids had to stand down as her due date was on our wedding eve and the other two grew out of their original dresses and needed emergency bump appropriate attire, courtesy of Seraphine.

Rob found the groomsmen’s slim fit navy suits and waistcoats in M&S and opted for pastel yellow ties from The Tie Store. Our 2 year old nephew Stan, wore a ‘Ring Security’ polo shirt from Shirtinator  .

Inspiration & Stationery

I have always painted and collaged as a hobby. I particularly love working with watercolours, because of the unpredictable way that the merge, mix and travel around the page. I picked some of mine and Rob’s favourite colours and started splodging! The results were the basis of my colour scheme and stationary, which in turn translated through to my flowers.

Having trained as a Graphic Designer, I was excited to be my own client, my dream brief! I made all sorts of stationary from a personalised colouring in book for our Nephew, to an Ad-lib message card (in place of a traditional guest book), speech time sweepstake cards and an eye-spy game linked to our WeddingParty App, as well as Polaroid place cards and matching table plan. By far the most talked about item of my stationary however was a Spotter’s Guide, in which a short and slightly cheeky description of each guest was published and given out to read prior to the ceremony. My family and I turned our hand to textiles too, creating scented stuffed hearts to hang on the back of each chair – which we later displayed in a suitcase inviting guests to ‘Take a little bit of our love home with them’. My fabulous sister in law Sammy also helped me to make each of my bridesmaids a personalised dressing gown. My mum’s dear friend Sue, dip-dyed all of napkins in a whole host of colours and dyed the edges of circular table runners to create a blended watercolour effect – the tables looked simply spectacular!

The Flowers

Hydrangeas have always reminded me of my childhood, as they lined the boarders of our family home. Rob was affectionately known as Billy growing up (and still is within our immediate family), which is why we wanted Billy Buttons to be woven into the flowers for the day. Armed with these prerequisites and a bridesmaid dress in hand, I visited Karen Morgan, the owner of Passion for Flowers. She listened to me intently and pulled all my clippings and ideas into a stunning array of floral décor including: a hanging globe from the rafters of the barn; filling a window box made by Rob out of old palettes, for the reception table; filling jam jars that were dotted around the venue and tables; a garland arch over the Barns door way; button holes and bouquets; and as I already mentioned, my flower crown of purple roses and pastel hydrangeas.

The Ceremony

Together with Rob’s proposal, the exchanging of our personalised vows was one of those surreal and completely perfect moments in life. It was difficult for us to both squeeze into words how much we love one another, but we must have done a good job as I was informed later that we reduced even our manliest guests to tears!

We carefully picked readings that reflect how Rob and I bring out the best in each other and that illustrated how close and supportive our relationship is.

The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach
A soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise. Our soul mate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person. Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life.

Wild Awake by Hilary T. Smith
People are like cities: 
We all have alleys and gardens and secret rooftops 
and places where daisies sprout between the sidewalk cracks, 
but most of the time all we let each other see is a postcard glimpse of a skyline 
or a polished square. 
Love lets you find those hidden places in another person, 
even the ones they didn’t know were there, 
even the ones they wouldn’t have thought to call beautiful themselves.

The Entertainment

We often go to The Jam House in Birmingham; you cannot help but dance to a live band playing soul classics. This is why we set out to find a band that would play a mix of old and new songs and keep the dance floor packed all evening: Hula Groove delivered! Our first dance was to Sister Sledge ‘Thinking of You’. Hula groove adapted the song so that the first verse was at a slower tempo, then when the bongo’s kicked in we pulled in our guests for a twirly-wurly finale! Rob’s love of camping and table tennis inspired our outdoor entertainment, in the form of a ping-pong/beer-pong tournament and marshmallow roasting over fire pits.

The Food

For the wedding breakfast, we dined on a locally sourced British Feast of a menu. We loved the sociable idea of guests carving and helping themselves to side dishes on the table. ‘Ass-blaster’ hot sauce was given as the boys favours, due to Rob’s hot sauce obsession and a family friend made scented ombre soaps for the girls. By night Baz & Fred’s Pizzeria churned out a steady stream of gourmet pizzas until the early hours. The keen bakers amongst our families contributed to a cake table that seemed to get inhaled within 30 minutes! My talented sister made our 3 tiered red velvet wedding cake lined with white cigarillos, not much of that survived to take home either – all that dancing made for ravenous guests!

The Suppliers

We carefully chose suppliers that we could put our faith in. As a result we had minimal wedding related stress on the run up to the day and nothing at all went awry on the actual day. The staff at Shustoke Farm Barns went the extra mile to make us and our guest feel like royalty. Hula Groove took the time out to rehearse an amended version of our first dance and compile our guests song choices into a playlist between sets. Karen from Passion for Flowers expressed a genuine excitement for my ideas and her work. Matt from Blooming Lovely Films, was fabulous and got completely involved in the day, stopping much later than he was contracted to in order to capture all of the night time antics.

Finally my last shout out goes to the amazingly brilliant, Harriet of Weddings Vintage. Her beautiful images play like a story and her colour editing sets her work apart from the rest. Not only extremely talented but extremely lovely: even squeezing me into her busy schedule after I initially booked her for the wrong date – doh! Thank you to all our suppliers, family, and friends and of course to Rock My Wedding for featuring our day.


My 3 best pieces of advice would be:

Savour all the wedding day build up: time with your partner, friends and family, the crafting afternoons, hair trials and even the shopping trips to find the perfect scent! Relish it all, because this will help you to prolong the experience. On the day it will be gone in a puff of magical overwhelming smoke!

Secondly, delegate! Everything about the running of our day was delegated. The only thing Rob had to do was turn up and all I needed to think about was doing my own make up; in hind sight I would have even delegated this to a makeup artist so that I literally had nothing to do but concentrate on taking it all in.

Thirdly, I would also strongly recommend writing your own promises – after all they communicate the essence of the day.


Weddings Vintage voted one of Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2014!

As many of my friends will confirm I am probably one of the worst people at keeping a secret. So finding out SIX WEEKS ago that I have been named an international ‘Rising Star of Wedding Photography’ by New York’s RANGEFINDER magazine (cue jaw on floor followed by Dick Van Dyke style heal click….how on Earth has this major industry magazine published since the 1950’s come across little me in soggy Manchester?…) but then reading on a little further to strict instructions ‘DO NOT TELL ANYONE.’  I set into a slight panic – how will I keep my motor mouth under wraps when this is quite possibly one of the most exciting things to have happened to me?

Three days later it was my birthday and I was at Festival No.6 in Port Merion, Pet Shop Boys were playing and the sun was shining. After more than my fair share of Captain Morgan’s I might have let the news slip a bit. Best friends don’t count though…But today I am officially allowed to tell. Such a relief!

There are a number of reasons why this news was especially special and especially hard to keep quiet about. The first being that past honorees of this prestigious title are folk who I have always considered ‘the big guns’ of the wedding world, people who I look up to with a similar adulation and awe that I used to have for Kurt Cobain when he was plastered to my bedroom wall. Mythical people who if I met them face to face I would most likely turn into a wobbly mute, or equally say something completely pointless and stupid. So to even have my name alongside such photographic giants as Sean Flannigan, Emma Case and Assassynation makes me feel both proud and honored... yet silently concerned there may have been a mistake!

The second reason this news has given me a little inward glow is that since leaving my full time job in telly last year, a job which I loved and people thought I was certifiably mad to be giving up, where I was constantly working in huge family like teams - I suddenly had only my camera as a colleague on the road. And it doesn't talk much. No one to bounce ideas off or laugh at random acts of strangeness. Just me.  There has been periods of self doubt (am I actually any good at this?), the big realisation that working from home alone definitely didn’t suit me (probably due to my motor mouth being in need of exercise – problem solved by moving into a lovely shared office where I can now chew peoples ears off daily) and damp dark moments sat by the motorway at midnight waiting for AA recovery, hundreds of miles from home on the way back from a wedding… so receiving this accolade out of the blue is like a long arm from over the Atlantic patting me on the back and saying, ‘You’re doing alright actually Love.’


Weddings Vintage Featured in The Telegraph

We were shocked, amazed and utterly thrilled when we had an unexpected email from the guys working on the culture section of The Telegraph newspaper telling us they would like to feature us in an article about alternative wedding photography! They are writing a series on wedding photography and said they would love to include a mention about our vintage style so we jumped at the offer. Check it out for yourselves by clicking here -





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An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 1 Silver Words.

Standlow Farm

Sarah The Bride:From the very beginning of our planning we knew we wanted a venue we could hire for a long weekend that could accommodate all our immediate family and close friends so the fun could last as long as possible. We also wanted it to be in the Peak District, even though we both live in Manchester we spend a lot of time in the peaks and it’s somewhere that’s close to our hearts. This resulted in what felt like the longest venue hunt in the history of wedding planning.

Just as we felt like giving up we found Standlow Farm near Ashbourne. It couldn’t have been more perfect, 5 beautiful cottages, a farm house, a games room and a huge paddock to put up venue hunt number two – the amazing Tepees!! It also meant we could invite all our guests back the next day for a BBQ.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 2 Silver Words.

The Tepees were supplied by the even more amazing Papakata. As soon as we saw them on one of their open days we knew that nothing else could even come close. The Papakata team have got to be the best company I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They are so passionate about what they do and just want to share the love, they made everything really easy and there was always an excited and enthusiastic helper at the end of the phone whenever we needed it.

Au Natural

I did my hair myself on the day, I have quite long hair and I knew that wanted to wear it down as it really suited the feel of the wedding so I really didn’t need anything doing to it. I had my make-up applied by Kevin’s sister Grainne; she is a qualified make-up artist which was very handy.

It was really important to me on the day that I looked like me; I don’t wear lots of makeup normally and I had a few trials that didn’t go well but Grainne understood exactly what I wanted (without a trial) and I felt amazing. I had my nails done at Selfridges a few days before, French manicure isn’t very me so I just went for very pale pink gel nails to avoid the chipping that normally happens within minutes of nail varnish coming anywhere near me!

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 3 Silver Words.

Grainne also did all the bridesmaids’ hair, I wanted them to have something quite unstructured and she came up with idea of using plaits which looked brilliant and really suited the look I was trying to create. This was probably the easiest part of the planning, I trusted in her skills and just let her do what she thought would look good and the results were stunning.

Simple Silk Chiffon

I work as a personal shopper and love fashion so the dress was always going to be a really important part of the whole experience for me. However once I started the big dress hunt I realised that I don’t really like wedding dresses. I know to a lot of brides this sounds completely crazy but every dress I put on I felt silly in, I felt like I was playing dress up and nothing seemed to work.

Then I found a beautiful vintage dress purely by chance which I snapped up but it needed a lot of work to make it fit and look the way I wanted it to, sadly in the end it wasn’t meant to be. This as all you brides can imagine was pretty heart breaking, 5 months before the wedding I had to start my dress hunt all over again eeeek!!

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 4 Silver Words.

I remembered being recommended Silk Brides in Lichfield by someone early on in the dress hunt process and went on their website, I couldn’t believe it but they had a sample sale on the next day and as fate would have it they had one slot left. My sister came with me; I went through all the rails and pulled only one dress out. A simple silk chiffon gown by David Fielden, I came out of the fitting room and my sister burst in to tears and said that I had to have it, I took one look in the mirror and I knew she was right.

The Statement Headpiece

My dress was really simple so I knew it could take a really statement headpiece. I wanted something that wrapped round my forehead that would work well with my hair down. I found exactly what I was looking for by Doloris Petunia on Etsy. Courtney Prince is the designer of the brand and she hand makes every piece of jewellery in Los Angeles then ships them to customers. When it arrived I actually squealed with excitement, it was more beautiful than the pictures and I think I loved it more than my dress.

I also had a veil made by Margret from Dream Veils in Manchester. I wanted a Juliet cap veil that my headpiece could sit over. Margret was amazing, she designed and made a veil to fit perfectly and I think she was more excited than me about the finished result.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 5 Silver Words.

My shoes were a limited edition pair by Ted Baker. I didn’t want traditional bridal shoes and had an idea of a gold sandal. I found a pair in Jimmy Choo that I loved but two wedding dresses later I think Kevin would have lost the plot if I came home with them. When I saw the snakeskin heel on mine I knew I wouldn’t be leaving the shop without them.

Champagne And Navy

We didn’t start with a colour theme for the wedding we just said that we wanted everything to be quite neutral. So when I took the bridesmaids dress shopping I didn’t have a clear idea of what colour the dresses should be. I also wanted the girls to choose their own dress, it was really important to me that the felt good in what they wore, as they are all very different if I put them all in matching dresses it would never work.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 6 Silver Words.

We ended up in Coast and after trying on a few dresses I could tell straight away which ones they loved and they were all a beautiful champagne colour which I was more than happy with. We bought them there and then and went for cocktails to celebrate.

A Wonderful Garden Party

We wanted a really relaxed feel to the day so Kevin told all the groomsmen to wear a suit they felt good in and not to worry about colour as we didn’t have a set theme. As it turned out they all turned up in navy suits purely by chance that matched Kevin’s perfectly it was as if we planned it.

Although we wanted all the formalities of a wedding such as speeches, first dance etc. it was really important to us that our wedding had a really relaxed feel. The farm and the teepees helped to achieve this and the fact that we didn’t have a rigid colour theme we just kept everything really simple and neutral. Our family and friends helped with the décor, my mum made 100 meters of bunting; yes you read correctly 100 meters! My bridesmaid Rachel made paper doily pom poms and covered the hay bales in fabric for people to sit on outside.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 7 Silver Words.

We also filled the tepees with large paper lanterns and giant round balloons filled with helium. There was lots of outside seating as well as the hay bales which meant that people could relax outside in the sun, some even put blankets down on the grass which made it feel like a wonderful garden party.

Thistles And Hydrangeas

All I knew about flowers was that I wanted lots of them and wanted it to look really natural in white, cream and pale pink. Jemma from Flowers by Jemma Holmes was fantastic. I took a few pictures with me of what I liked and she pulled out flowers that she thought I would love. She also at the last minute suggested some white hydrangeas for the tables and I’m so glad she did as they were my favourite.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 8 Silver Words.

My bouquet consisted of sweet avalanche roses, astilbe, stocks and spray rose and the bridesmaid’s had balls of gypsophila. Kevin’s buttonhole was a thistle as my mums side of the family are Scottish and the groomsmen each had a little bit of gyp tied with twine. Jemma made all of these and I ordered all of the table flowers from her but I did the arrangements myself with a little help from my amazing friends the day before the wedding. This turned out to be a mammoth task but I was so pleased with the end result and felt quite proud of myself.

The Favourite Part Of The Day

The ceremony had to be by far my favourite part of the day. I was grinning ear to ear all the way down the aisle and as I got about half way I saw Kevin waiting for me with his bottom lip quivering, desperately trying not to cry and my smile got even bigger. We married in St Johns RC church in Alton which is right next to Alton castle and a truly beautiful setting.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 9 Silver Words.

Kevin’s uncle is a Priest so he performed the ceremony and the first thing he did was get all the men to stand up and say hello to all the women, everyone got to have a hug and a little chat and made everyone feel really welcome and relaxed. It was a lovely way to start the ceremony and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Mrs G’s Dancey Dance

Kevin is very into his music so he was a bit wary of hiring a DJ. He used to be a bit of a local pub DJ in his younger days and still has all the equipment so he did a playlist for the night (he called it Mrs G’s dancey dance) and everyone commented the next day on how amazing the music was.

What was great was that they were tunes that we both loved or meant a lot to us so it made it really personal. The only downside was that I don’t think I finished a single conversation as half way through I ran away from everyone towards the dance floor screaming the words “I love this song!”

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 10 Silver Words.

Our first dance was “Silver words” by Sixto Rodriguez, it’s a song that Kevin has always loved and the first time he played it to me I fell in love with the lyrics so it felt like the perfect choice.

Red Velvet

Neither of us are big fans of canapés however, we are both very big fans of cake! So we decided to have red velvet cupcakes with prosecco and elderflower cordial for all our guests when they arrived. My very talented sister and her friend offered to make them for us and my equally talented auntie made our three-tiered Victoria sponge wedding cake which basically equalled a seriously sweet cake-tastic delight!!

We wanted a formal sit down wedding breakfast but still wanted it to feel relaxed. Papakata introduced us to Lesley fromSaunts, each course was a big dish that was put in the middle of each table with someone nominated to play mum and dish up. It made it really sociable and got everyone talking. So many guests commented on how amazing the food was, it was proper home cooked dishes that really suited the day.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 11 Silver Words.

My parents live in France and offered to bring all the wine for the tables back with them, we bought carafes for each table and the Saunts team just kept on filling them up throughout the meal. It felt like we had an endless supply of wine that just kept coming, there was so much we were even able to keep it coming the next day at the BBQ.

Take One Handmade Wedding Ring

One of the most important aspects of the wedding for us both was that we wanted it to be really personal and reflect us as a couple. This meant that we did a lot of stuff ourselves. We made all the invites and orders of service as well as any other stationery. To tie it all together, we used the same typography throughout; such as the vinyl we had made for the light box.

We also designed badges as favours for our guests. We attached these to luggage tags with guests’ names on which we pinned to a board then used this as the seating plan. We also designed stickers which the kids loved and stuck on just about everyone and everything.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 12 Silver Words.

The most time consuming yet, rewarding DIY thing I did was to make Kevin’s wedding ring. I made it from a silver American half dollar from the year his Dad was born. It took me what felt like a lifetime but now he gets to wear something that I’ve made for the rest of his lifetime, it sounds cheesy but I love it.
There was a lot of hard work involved and we had to prioritise what was most important but it was worth it when it all came together and it felt so personal to us.

The best advice I can give is to make your day as much about the two of you as possible. Try and plan it together, Kevin was much more involved in the whole process than most grooms probably are and it was much more rewarding knowing that the whole day really did reflect us both.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 13 Silver Words.

Many of our guests commented on how personal the service was this was because Kevin’s uncle was our priest and it meant a lot to us both that he could marry us, it also meant that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house especially Kevin’s!! (He cried a lot). The ceremony was by far my favourite part of the day, it’s the moment all the hard work and planning has been building up to and it’s an amazing feeling showing how much you love this one individual in front of everyone you care about. It’s so easy to get bogged down with the organisation of the reception but my advice is to put as much time and effort in to the ceremony, at the end of the day it’s the most important bit.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 14 Silver Words.

A Big Decision And The Best Decision

One of the biggest decisions to make is choosing your photographer. We had a clear idea of the style of photography we wanted and as soon as we saw Harriet from Weddings Vintage previous work it was as if what we had in our heads was staring us in the face. Our main priority was that we wanted images that captured moments and reflected the feel of the day rather than endless posed photographs that steal you away from your guests for hours on end. This is Harriet’s speciality and not only that she makes them beautifully original by editing them in a way that gives them a very timeless, vintage feel. She also had the ability to put two people who hate having their picture taken completely at ease.

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 15 Silver Words.

The best decision I made throughout the whole planning process was to hire Laura Tickle. Laura is a wedding planner and also an angel sent from wedding heaven to sort out all your wedding problems. We hired her for on the day co-ordination, she took over a couple of weeks before the wedding and confirmed everything with all our suppliers. She also organised the timing of the day and was on hand from the getting ready stage to the first dance to make sure everything ran smoothly. This meant that Kevin and I could completely relax and enjoy the day without the stress of worrying about the details. She truly was an angel and every wedding should have a Laura Tickle!

An Ethereal Bohemian Inspired Wedding At Standlow Farm With Tipis From Papakata A David Fielden Dress And Juliet Cap Veil With A Sweet Avalanche Rose Bouquet 16 Silver Words.


The Far Away Tree

This summer has seen some very special weddings, I've climbed mountains, I've been in an aircraft hangar, I've been to the Scottish lakes and back down to the Brecon Beacons - within the space of two days, I've shed a few tears under a Tipi canopy listening to some very emotional speeches, I've sat with a bride in the back of an American Cadillac and I've held up the traffic while I've photographed two lovers cross Abbey Road.

Emily and Liam's wedding was one of my last of the balmy English summer and I suppose it was only fitting that it was one of most unusual invites. A wedding in a tree house, on the breathtaking shores of Lock Goil, Scotland. I love the fact that Emily and Liam are in fact from Bournemouth, about as opposite from Scotland as it gets, but after visiting this tucked away little corner of the UK they just fell in love with it and knew they wanted to marry there. After winding my way there through valleys, mist, and single track woods pulling up there I immediately understood why. It was like stepping into an enchanted novel with a mystical tree house and a big house on the hill, full of log fires, antlers, woolen blankets and warming whiskeys. Emily and Liam are genuinely one of the sweetest couples you could meet and I loved the intimacy of having just a small wedding party. The weather was, Scottish, to say the least but it all added to the dramatic atmosphere with the low lying fog hugging the sweeping vistas. I think it's safe to say we managed to beat the weather when it came to the photos. There was one moment when I could be seen scaling down a slippery moss covered cliff to get the shot of Emily and Liam at the fisherman's hut but it was worth it. Not the best idea in just a pair of Toms! Oh and did I mention the best page boy outfits ever? And page boys too! Click the photos for more....


Mission Accomplished! 

So we can finally reveal about the secret mission we undertook at the weekend. Harriet was asked to photograph the awesome Ashleigh and Fergus as they eloped in London. Living in Canada they wanted to share their special day just with each other (and lucky Harriet) surrounded by flowers in St Mary's Garden, Regents Park before going on a mini roadtrip round London taking in Abbey Road and Baker Street. It was truely touching and an amazing experience - it goes to show that as long as you have each other you don't always need the big venue, the cake, or the flowers as long as you have each other.  

Click pics to see the album...



Something a bit special happened this weekend...

 This weekend saw a double whammy double wedding Tipi extravaganza! Two very different brides rocking their weddings with Tipi festival chic. First came Sarah and Kevin's in the Peak District, a heartfelt church ceremony delivered by Kevin's Uncle, followed by a wedding breakfast in these stunning Tipi's which were pitched up at Standlow Farm, Kniveton. I was falling over myself which all the amazing photo ops - and have you seen the brides tiara?! Epic. Check out the amazing feature and read all about the day and Sarah's hints and tips here on the fabulous Rock My Wedding - 

Click the pics to see the whole day...

So I pitched myself up at a local hotel waiting to find out what the next day had in store for Claire and Steve. Having met Claire and her Aussie beau a few times before through friends I already knew it was going to be something super cool yet tastefully understated. I was blown away to arrive at Claire's family home in Retford the next day and find the day was going to be another visual treat. Rose arches, hand made signs detailing all the countries people would be arriving from, a whiskey barn stocked with some of Scotland's finest, Tipi's adorned with reindeer furs and twinkly lights, not to mention a tipi honeymoon suite. I had so much fun photographing this couple who were happy to indulge me as I ran round finding awesome locations for couple shots - hay, logs, corn fields, secret pathways - I was in my element! 

To see what i'm talking about click the pics below...


Award Winners!













We are absolutely delighted to announce that thanks to all your support and despite very tough competition we were crowned winners at The National Vintage Awards last night for Best Wedding and Event Supplier! We're chuffed to bits and very proud to be doing the job we love so much. Hayley collected the award with our lovely admin angel Louise while Harriet celebrated with a French Martini in Arizona where she is currently on a shoot (...or rather, on holiday taking pictures!)


Love is in the air! 

From the minute I arrived to shoot Hannah and Tims extraordinary wedding my jaw was hitting the floor! I knew from the moment she got in touch to book me it was going to be something special and I wasn't disappointed! 










More details coming soon!!


Helen and Gareth feature on Love My Dress

Read the lovely article by the guys at Love My Dress...


A Fabulously Backless and Sparkly David Fielden Wedding Dress

Good morning all - just a quick reminder for those of you who haven't seen this rather wonderful £500 giveaway by Lovely Favours yet?  This morning's wedding is a short and sweet one but I was really keen to share it with you because the brides choice of gown reflects a more edgy, fashion forward choice and I really adore that jewelled back and cowel neck detail.

Helen and Gareth got married on 22nd September last year, and held their reception at Hilltop Country House in Prestbury and Helen chose to wear a David Fielden gown...

 "I sell vintage clothes in my spare time and that passion for fashion had to be celebrated (I’m a massive fan of 30's and 40's style and anything art deco).  Gareth is a music producer and DJ so we also had to bring that to the fore.  The unofficial theme was ‘Deco Disco’.

I’d loved David Fielden dresses at The Luxury Wedding Show and just a few weeks later there was a sample sale at the flagship store.  The fact that it was a one-day sale meant I had to buy it then and there and that definitely helped me make my mind up." 

Love My Dress Wedding Blog - Photography Copyright (c) 2013, Weddings Vintage

David Fielden backless wedding dress



"Gareth got his suit from The Kooples.  I’d been steering Gareth towards navy (it’s different and classic at the same time) and he wanted something modern with a really sharp cut.  I saw the suit in the shop window and took a photo of it to show him.  When he tried it on it looked so good.  It’s a dinner suit so the satin trim worked with my dress.

The cream tie was vintage (I’d bought it for him so he was adamant about wearing it), and his shirt was Ted Baker."

David Fielden backless wedding dress

"I’d been to so many dress boutiques and wedding shops, and always with my best friend or my mum.  This was the first time I’d been dress shopping on my own so it was a bit of a gamble, but I knew what I wanted from the start.  I was looking for a classic 30's or 40's style dress that would stand the test of time. I wanted to be able to enjoy the photos over the years without feeling that the dress look dated.  That’s what I love about vintage clothing – it never goes out of fashion – and that’s what I wanted from my wedding dress.

Style-wise I knew I didn’t want strapless and being a redhead I had to find the right colour fabric to flatter my skin. The silk had a candlelit look about it, the colour was just perfect – a soft, golden cream.  I also loved the wow factor of the back."

David Fielden backless wedding dress

"My mum bought the pretty headband from a hotel in the Lake District.  I think it was about £25 out of one of those glass display cabinets that hotels sometimes have. It was perfect – vintage-y and not too much." 

David Fielden backless wedding dress

David Fielden backless wedding dress

"My shoes were Nova by Jimmy Choo - they are so comfortable!  The dress was less than half price so I decided the shoes were worth splurging on.  Plus you get a lot more wear out of your shoes than your dress.  You have to be comfortable on your wedding day as you’re on your feet for most of it."

David Fielden backless wedding dress

"My wedding veil was a cathedral length number by Joyce Jackson from Dream Catcher Bridal..."

David Fielden backless wedding dress

David Fielden backless wedding dress

"Our cook from Hilltop Country House, Charlie, was also the florist.  She’s multi-talented. When I bought the dress I was wearing Rouge Noir nail polish and the dark colour looked really good against the dress so I knew I wanted deep burgundy as the accent colour.

I love cream and blush and then also wanted a brighter pink to pop the colours a bit. I gave Charlie a photo of a bouquet and we discussed tweaks including adding the brighter pink. It all worked beautifully on the day.  Charlie did a fantastic job."

David Fielden backless wedding dress

David Fielden backless wedding dress

"The simply amazing Harriet from Weddings Vintage took our photographs. We’d had a bit of a dilemma on the photographer front, having hired someone already. But we did an engagement shoot and the photos hadn’t turned out as we’d hoped so we decided to look for someone else.  I saw photos Harriet had taken at a wedding in Wales on a blog and they were just jaw-dropping.

We went on the Weddings Vintage website and every wedding Harriet featured had the same high quality photos and beautiful brides and she had managed to capture the emotion in every couple’s day."

David Fielden backless wedding dress

"We’re so glad we decided on Harriet. She was a joy to have around on the day, really discreet, and the photos are just lovely. It was a big decision to switch photographers quite close to the wedding but having the engagement shoot confirmed we needed to change things – they’re a great idea, to help you decide either way if you’ve found the right photographer.

Harriet has a real talent for shooting beautiful portrait shots and steers her couples away from cheesy poses and towards something much more natural and informal. We have loads of photos of people just relaxing and having a great time and that’s exactly what we wanted."

David Fielden backless wedding dress

David Fielden backless wedding dress


Rock My Wedding Feature Glesni and Owain's vintage wonderland

A Groovy Kind Of Love.

Rock My Wedding readers Glesni and Owain Lloyd married on the 12th of August, 2011. The ceremony was in their local church in a small and rural village called Betws Gwerfil Goch in North Wales.

When I finished looking through this submission from Weddings Vintage I realised I was suffering from severe ‘dry mouth.’

At some point early on my Jaw had dropped – and there it had remained as I soaked up not only the amazing camera work but also the stupidy gorgeous wedding stationery. You see Vintage Weddings is a collection of super creative people and not only will they shoot your wedding and make it look fabulous, they will also create you some seriously-to-die-for papercraft too.

Anyway, over to Glensi…


Vintage Style

The dress was Charlotte Balbier, Tabitha in vintage gold from Belles Bridal Boutique, Liverpool. I loved the vintage style of the shop and Geraldine the owner was so lovely, I new I had to buy my dress from this shop.


Untamed Petals

My hair piece was from Untamed Petals, and called a ‘poppy double headband’. I wanted a vintage and natural look and this headpiece gave me the look I desired.


A Comfortable Fit

My shoes were from Rachel Simpson, mimi. I tried them with my dress fitting and I loved the way they looked and they were so comfy.


A Local Do

I went to a local hair dresses in Llangollen for my wedding hair, I just needed a natural up do, no frills.


D.I.Y Decoration

I decided to do most of the floral decoration myself; the local flower shop sourced the flowers for me. My bridesmaids, mum and mother in law and I decorated the hall all Thursday. It was a lovely but very busy day with everybody mucking in.


We made our own bouquets, I was much easier to achieve the look i wanted. I’d made a scrap book full of ideas, which was a great reference book.


Less Uniformed

I had 5 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. I bought the bridesmaid dresses from a shop in Cowbridge, South Wales called High society bridal. Since all the bridemaids we’re around the same age, I wanted dresses that would suit them and choose the Lela Rose , crinkle chiffon collection in Mint and the girls decided on the style they liked and we went for 5 different styles, for a more natural, less uniformed look.


The groomsmen attire we hired but we bought them gingham ties.


Bow Tie Bliss

Owain had always wanted to a bow-tie , so we found a grey bow-tie in Topman. He looked so happy as I walked down the aisle, the whole day was perfect for us.


Lovely And Warm

I wanted a photographer that could capture the natural, vintage style I was hoping to create. The photographer was important to me and I spent hours on hours surfing the internet. Somehow I came across the Weddings Vintagewebsite and fell in love with their previous wedding photography. I sent an e-mail, and talked on the phone to Harriet, I knew she was the photographer for me. We shared some ideas and I new she understood the feel and look I was going for.


Harriet was amazing during the wedding, she meet up with us on Thursday afternoon, and took some photos during our practice in the church. She had a lovely and warm personality and I trusted her instantly. We love our photos.


The Perfect Postcard

Finding Weddings Vintage was a blessing. Hayley the designer, helped me create the perfect wedding stationery. I love post cards, and I wanted invitations that captured the feeling of our wedding day, and the beautiful scenery of home. I took some photo’s of my church, the village hall, the field in front of my house which holds so many happy childhood memories and the trees that all the guest would drive through on the way from the church to the village hall. I sent them on e-mail and asked for a vintage postcard design. I was blown away with the invitations, they were perfect, we had so many compliments about them, and we couldn’t wait to receive the rsvp postcards. They set the tone perfectly for the wedding.


A Family Affair

My mum made our fruit cake, my sisters and I decorated it simply with lace and wooden pegs. My bridesmaid made some cupcakes and decorated them with berries, they looked beautiful.


Musical Medication

We hired a swing band Called Dr Jazz from North Wales. They were amazing a hit with young and old and just completed the night perfectly.



My husband choose the song and played it to me on youtube, and I instantly loved it. It was A Groovy Kind of Love from Phil Collins. We’d been together for 9 years and our relationship has always been chilled and relaxed and foremost we’re great friends. Our second song was Pencil Full of Lead by Paulo Nutini, I love that song and it was great to kick of the party mood.


More Tea?

We didn’t go for any favours. I just wanted to keep it simple but I collected a cup and saucer for every guest and placed the name tags on them. It was great seeing people sharing a pot of tea and reminded me of community events when I was young.


A Village Fete Feeling

Decoration was really important to me. The village hall gave me a perfect canvas to decorate the hall as I had imagined. I’d collected a scrap book full of ideas, and decided we wanted long trestle tables to create a village fate feeling.


We decorated the tables with candles and flowers. I collected a tea cup and saucer for each guest, a hundred and thirty. I went around charity shops and asked family members – they loved that they could help.


I wanted a relaxed garden feel where people could chill in the conservatory, so we hired a company called Posh Frocks and Wellies from Chester to decorate, they bought odd chairs, lamps, bunting etc and it just gave the room character and it fitted in great with our odd and ends. They we’re great and came to finish the work the morning of the wedding, since a whist tournament was taking place that Thursday night in the conservatory.


The locals all loved having an opportunity to have a peek at their hall transformed. We hired a company calledstephanotis to drape the hall and hired a company called Outside from Conwy to cater for us. Their food was amazing, we had pate followed by steak, new potatoes and salad and nickerbocker glory for pudding, followed by homemade pies and hot dogs at night.


Make A Scrap Book

Our friends and family made our day. It was so lovely to have them all together celebrating with us. My advice would be to make a scrap book, It gave me the confidence to go for a vintage wedding. Rock My Wedding was a weekly fix, and inspired so many of my ideas. Having so many people helping and contributing to the wedding made it extra special. I love being creative and loved the opportunity to be able to make our special day perfect for us.


Photographer – Weddings Vintage

Stationery – Weddings Vintage

Dress – Charlotte Balbier

Boutique – Belles Bridal Boutique

Hair Piece – Untamed Petals

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Bridesmaid Dresses – Lela Rose

Decor – Posh Frocks and Wellies

Hall Dressing – stephanotis

Catering – Outside

Entertainment – Dr Jazz

The Charlotte Balbier dress combined with the hair piece from Untamed Petals is a genius combo.

So much that I like about this wedding but I am going to hold back and just talk about my geeky passion… The stationery. What a great idea to take shots of your surrounding area to create a collection of postcards. And how beautifully executed by Weddings Vintage.

The Order of service right through to the table numbers and menu cards have had the same carefully considered treatment and they really do bring all the elements of this amazing vintage inspired wedding together.


Key Words .

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  1. Jill Hanby

    Oh my word! What a beautiful couple, beautiful photos and fantabulous stationery – LOVE IT!

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    I have never seen stationary like it, its fabulous!! Why didnt I think of it? lol

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    Wow, the whole wedding looks amazing but I just adore the photo of Glesni by herself with the atmospheric clouds behind her – completley perfect!

  7. What a beautiful couple and gorgeous wedding… especially the stationery, amazing! The bridesmaids look lovely too – I have an appointment at High Society Bridal in Cowbridge on Saturday to start trying on wedding dresses!

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    oh lordy!!!! I have not seen anything this pretty in a looong time. Now having a new stationery lust which doesn’t really go with the original plan lol!!! This is also perfect photographic inspiration to show my photographer. and HOW pretty does she look! So lovely! :-)

    And LOVING that she has five bridesmaids as this is the dilemma i am having at the moment, I really want to ask a fifth but slightly worried it may look a bit mad! xx

  12. Peridot

    Where do you FIND all these incredibly beautiful women? She’s so pretty – love the dress and headband, there’s something ethereal about her. Gorgeous shots in the woods too.

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    What a beaut! I love what you did with your big day! xx

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    I tried on that frock in the exact same shop – I just couldn’t make the budget stretch far enough (although I did consider ditching the wedding breakfast and just serving bread and water!). So loving that photography as well, don’t they look blissful? I may be stealing Wedding Vintage for my own W-day!x

  16. Karen

    @VIx – my mate had eight of us and i’m having four + a bridesmale so go for it!!!

    what a gorgeous wedding and the bride is such a natural beauty. Sounds like I had a very different experience at the same bridal boutique to her though!! xxx

  17. I’m not normally a fan of the vintage wedding treatment, but these are done to perfection. Fantastic work. Really beautiful.

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    What a gorgeous wedding and amazing stationary!!! What did you do for the table plan? That look pretty damn cool too.

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    Gorgeous wedding & what a stunner the bride is! I’d LOVE my hair to look this lovely on my day

    Oh and the dress!!!! that is beautiful!
    It’s exactly what I had in mind when I first started dress shopping but as is always the case (or so I am told!) my dress is actually nothing like this!

    @Vix – I’m with Karen, go for it! I have 5 bridesmaids and so did my friend (I was one of her 5 & she is one of my 5!) x

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    omg what a fab wedding and the stationery amazing authentic vintage style… is there anyway you can give me details of make up used i have same colouring and struggling to get such a natural finish…..

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    @Karen and @Rebecca – thanks for the bridesmaid encouragement!! xxx

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    Stunning wedding. Love all the details, fantastic taste obviously. Amazing photographs to boot x

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    Love the vintage and the vinatgey look to the photographs. What an amazing looking day with a gorge bride. Stunning xxx

  24. Hey guys – glad you are loving today’s vintage offering. And glad as well that I ‘m not the only stationery geek out there!

    Of course let’s not forget that Charlotte Balbier dress either – that is pretty special. Also loving a groom in a dicky bow… those shots in the woods are so sweet. A great place to run away to for a bit of peace on your big day!


  25. How stunning is thie wedding I love that headpiece (magpie alert) How great do the Roses in the Roses jam jars look too!

  26. Kitten

    Just want to say that the bride is probably the most beautiful I have ever seen!! xx

  27. beautiful in every way possible well done ladies fantastic job x

  28. MrsA-to-be

    I love everything about this wedding. EVERYTHING, I tell you :) It is DREAMY!

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  31. Absolutely beautiful, thanks so much for sharing your photos with us. You both look so gorgeous. Glesni, you look so beautiful – your dress and hair piece are just stunning. Congratulations guys!


The Sound of Love

The first May bank holiday was shaping up to be brilliant in so many ways. The sun was shining, Daft Punk's new song was on the radio and Nicola and Bede's wedding in Surrey was a perfect excuse to tie in a long weekend in Brighton.

I had met up with Nicola and Bede on one of my trips to London and over a cheeky pint it became clear that not only was their wedding going to be a visual feast - I was hearing Cadillac, Llamas, Emus, Curry bus, Saris -  but also that we were going to get on really well. And I was right.

From arriving at Nicolas house in the morning (and being made a welcome bacon butty from Dad, me highlighting my northernness by asking for 'red sauce') the day was an unfolding journey of massive smiles, tight hand holds, colour and music - and by do I mean music!


When I asked Nicola early on if there was a theme to the wedding she said "music" - now at every wedding music plays a big part but for Nicola and Bede it really set the tone for the whole day and was a loud reminder of everything they are as a couple. Proudly displayed on the tables were 12' Vinyl table numbers designed in house at Weddings Vintage by Hayley, each featuring a favourite uber cool record label - Island, Sun, Atlantic, Rough Trade...


And what can I say, THE CAR! A 19 foot long red Cadillac - thought to be the only one in the country - it really has to be one of my all time top wedding cars so much so I was jumping in myself for a photo! 


Then there was the curry bus, a bright pink van stationed on the terrace where guests could help themselves to lamb, chicken or fish curry wraps - every wedding simply should have one!


As I left the party dancing away the sky had turned an awesome shade of pink!


Me shamelessly posing with the Cadillac! 


Gethin & Manon, The Letter Confetti Range

Take a look at some of our latest wedding stationery we have designed for the lovely Gethin & Manon. We created a selection for both their English & Welsh guests. Hope you like them :-)



ROCK MY WEDDING - Love In The School Yard

We were honoured earlier this year to become one of Rock My Wedding's select number of recommended suppliers and following on from their fantastic feature on Glesni and Owain's wedding we were made up when they wanted to feature Alice and George's wedding at Charterhouse School. We are beaming from all the great comments...

Love In The School Yard.

There’s not many of us that can say that they’ve got married and have held their wedding reception in a headmaster’s garden at a real life school. But Alice and George did just that in July earlier this year.

Their beautiful ceremony took place in the Charterhouse School’s chapel – an exquisite building that is most definitely a far cry from the scrappy hall that I used to have assembly in when I was a young lass.

The newlyweds then headed over to the house of George’s father who happens to be the Headmaster ofCharterhouse School to continue the celebrations.

All the gorgeous images below come courtesy of our Love Lust List supplier Weddings Vintage.

And just wait until you see Alice’s dress, folks…it is breathtakingly beautiful.


Headmaster, Vicar and Toastmaster Too

My now father-in-law is the Headmaster of Charterhouse School, but also happens to be a vicar, so he married us in the chapel and acted as the toast master for the day.


The wedding was on the first day of the Olympics, so the night before with my bridesmaids (and one usher) we watched the opening ceremony in the hotel bar as we ate some food. 

Original French Lace

The wonderfully fabulous Jane Bourvis made my dress (there is no other way to describe her!)


I work in Portobello where her shop is and I was passing one day and popped in not knowing it sold wedding dresses, and before George had even asked me!. When I was in there I saw this amazing dress and thought it I ever get married that would be my perfect dress.


George proposed three weeks later the day after my 30th birthday, on the long walk to Windsor. One lunchtime I thought ‘Oh wow that dress!’, so I went back, tried it on, and that was the dress I purchased.


It was half made and so Jane and I worked together to create my perfect dress. I have a degree in fashion design and so it was a brilliant collaboration of ideas, and lovely to be able to have some input. So many dresses are off the shelf, so it was extra special to see it evolve. The original piece of lace was over 125 years old and came from a French auction house, and was a stunning champagne colour.

Jane did a fantastic job and I still pop in to see her and have a good chat.

A 1920′s Original

I was very lucky girl in that Jane Bourvis lent me this exquisite original 1920 head piece. I had been looking for one for ages and stumbled across hers deep in the piles of beautiful things in her store.


It happened to be one of the few things that were not for sale so she kindly let me wear it; I will be forever grateful!


I had my hair put up by Harrington’s in Guildford. I think I might be rather fussy about my hair as the trial was supposed to take half and hour and I was in there three.. oops, but they were very patient.

Shoes Can Be A Logistical Nightmare

For my shoes I used a company called Rainbow shoes, who dye to match.

Trying to get six bridesmaids into the same pair of shoes is a logistical nightmare!


We got there in the end with some Dune wedges with gold straps. I went with wedges as they are easy to walk on in the grass that had a more country feel.


I realised I had lost a pair of the bridesmaids shoes the night before the wedding. Luckily, one of my bridesmaid’s boyfriends came to the rescue and tracked a pair down on the morning of the day and completed an hour round trip to go and get them. The missing pair haven’t shown up!

Naughty Bridesmaids

I had both my own and the bridesmaids’ hair done by the lovely Louise from Laura Mercier in Guildford. She did a fantastic job and didn’t even mind when she left the room for 5 mins and came back to find my naughty bridesmaids with their fingers in the make-up bag and in the eye shadows!


A Very Talented Mother-In-Law

I am very lucky that my now mother-in-law is a very talented florist so she helped me with everything. I wanted a very loose and country wild feel. We went to Longacres Nursery in Bagshot, which is amazing, huge and full of every flower imaginable whilst being very reasonably priced.


We visited Longacres on the Wednesday and put the arrangements together on the Friday. I collected lots of jam jars and raided my grandpa’s shed for old oil cans which I put flowers in.

Floral Jacquard

As my bridesmaids dresses were a multicoloured floral jacquard design I wanted to keep the flower girl dresses and George/groomsmen’s outfits as plain as possible. The dresses were from Jigsaw, I used to work there as the print designer, so it was a dress I had worked on which made it very special.


I actually got the flower girl dresses made in China using this website. The website is amazing, and the service was so quick. It was a bit of a risk as I didn’t know what champagne colour would look like but as a complete fluke it was exactly the same colour as the slip of my dress! They were a bargain at £30.


The flower girl shoes were little sparkly pumps from Monsoon.

Gold Foulard

George went to Savile Row and the Hackett store to get his waistcoat and tie with his brother (best man) and Father. He got a gold foulard design tie and a plain sand coloured waistcoat.


A Natural Style

I was really struggling to find an affordable photographer who was very natural in their style. I wanted somebody who could take shots as natural as possible so they did not look too contrived. I was recommended Harriet Gill ofWeddings Vintage by a friend; she was fantastic and exactly what I was looking for.


She was brilliant on the day and was the perfect choice. She arrived the day before in the middle of my meltdown (every bride has one once!) and was just so lovely!

A DIY Cake

I really do not think you need to spend too much money on the cake as you can buy brilliant plain ones and be creative. I bought 4 plain tiers from Marks and Spencer and some ribbons and my mother put it together the night before, and finished it of with some wild flowers.


Blue Suede Shoes

We hired a jazz band, the Blue Suede Shoes, from Function Central who played a great 2 hour set of funk and swing set to get everybody dancing! Afterwards a friend, who is a very talent DJ, played for us!


As George’s father is a vicar our first dance was to ‘Son of a Preacher man’; the lyrics in it are very apt!

A Dab Hand In The Kitchen

George made Nigella Lawson’s chilli jam for all of our favours and I made the labels and stuck them on with string tied around a fabric top. We had an old school luggage tag that had everybody’s names on it as their place names on the table.


Alice In Wonderland

The marquee was in my parent’s in-law’s garden which is an old Gertrud Jekyll design, it is already naturally very beautiful, and so I wanted to bring the outside in. We pulled all of the sides of the Marquee up so it was more like a giant gazebo. We bought some giant white balloons and some helium and put them on the tables and on the entrance to the tent.

There is a separate summer house in the garden which we used as the children’s table for when the speeches were taking place, and put up some pink bunting for them.


As my name is Alice, I wanted a slight theme to the day (Alice in Wonderland) and thought it would also compliment the walled garden. I had small touches around like little signs, saying; rabbit hole’ and this way to the party etc.

We didn’t really have a strong colour theme as I think sometimes it can look a bit much with everything all in the same shade, we wanted something that felt a bit looser, which meant I could play with lots of different wild flowers in multicoloured shades.

I made quite a lot of things for the wedding. I designed and made the invitations with George which was a real labour of love…not so much after 100!


I couldn’t find any black and white checked bunting and so I decided to make it myself…150 metres later! I also realised on the day I only needed about 20, hahaha, so if anybody wants some bunting, get in touch!


For the table plan we used an old amazing frame we found on the street and painted it white with a hessian background, then typed out the plan on brown paper. I bought some cardboard numbers and the pinned them on to the board.

Moodboard Focus

My best friend helped me create a mood board at the beginning which was a massive help as it meant I could visualise exactly what I wanted. I had had all these ideas flying around and millions of blog images and felt a bit overwhelmed with everything I could do.


Creating it helped me focus on exactly what I wanted the day to look like, and what I needed to buy, where we could save money with things to make and how to show other people what I wanted, eg with the flowers etc.


It also helped me show George, and he said yes and no to things he definitely didn’t want.

Top Tips

My top tip is…give men specific tasks!
I would get a bit stressed and say why aren’t you helping I have so much to do, and he would say well “how do I know what needs doing when it’s all in your head! I am not a mind reader”. They don’t really care about the visual things to much, just present them with a choice like “blue or green” and they can say yes or no, not “what colour do you think”?

We started with lots of ideas and worked back to what was realistic. It’s impossible to do everything; you need to know when to stop, when to delegate and when to let go. Remember it’s really all about the love not about the napkin shades!


Get the major things sorted first, your venue, dress, food, theme and cars; the rest will follow! 


When I was worrying about family politics and what people would think of various elements of the wedding, somebody said to me if anybody is there that is not wishing you all the best and wanting you to have the perfect day then that’s their problem not yours!

Venue – Charterhouse School

Dress – Jane Bourvis

Shoes – Rainbow

Bridesmaid Dresses – Jigsaw

Bridesmaid Shoes – Dune

Flowergirl Shoes – Monsoon

Hair – Harrington’s

Make up – Laura Mercier

Flowers – Longacres Nursery

Photographer – Weddings Vintage

Cake – Marks and Spencer

Band – Blue Suede Shoes

Right about now I’ve developed a sudden urge to go out purchase some antique lace. Alice’s dress is simply dreamy.

She also has some sound advice too. If any of you are experiencing anxieties about family politics or even worrying about people’s perception of the wedding, then you’re not alone. I certainly had my own fair share of drama.

I absolutely 110% agree with Alice’s philosophy that it’s their problem not yours. If you’re able to, try to let it float over your head – it simply won’t matter on the day anyway because it’s about you two as a couple and the love you have for one another.

She’s a wise girl is Alice.

So come on folks, what do you think? Which part of George and Alice’s day do you love the most?

I’ve got my eye on that jam…

All my love Lolly xxx

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22 Responses to Love In The School Yard.

  1. Rae

    Perfect. Love the whole day from the dress to the flowers, venue and decor. What a wonderful day.

  2. Daphné

    Morning! Oh wow alice that dress is SOOOOO gorgeously amazing! The bridesmaid dresses are stunning to and I love flower girls in white dresses and floral crown. Please can we have a pic of the table plan? It sounds v similar to what I’m going to try and do! Congratulations. xx

  3. Mimi

    That dress is soooooo romantic! What I adore about this wedding is that it looks so effortless which I think it a true testiment to good planning and great design!

  4. Rebecca

    The Dress…..oh my word the dress….words cannot describe how beautiful that lace is!!!
    And that headpiece is just a little bit gorgeous isn’t it!?! :-)

    Gorgesou wedding and beautiful pictures it’s hard not to love all of this wedding!
    Oh and the dog ornament in the mud is immense!! heehee

    Oh & I do LOVE the big helium balloons, I definitely need to get me some of them!


  5. @Rebecca – in the office I am renowned for having a bit of a thing about sweet dogs so when I spied this little scrappy dog I knew he just had to make an appearance.

    @Mimi it does look effortless doesn’t it!

    @Daphne I’ll see what we can do about the table plan…

  6. Jane

    The dress is stunning!! Love the train! And I’d love to see the table plan too please, we’re using lots of hessian & brown kraft paper too. Congratulations on a lovely wedding! X

  7. Love the whole thing, especially the big balloons! epic!

  8. Miss Vix

    That dress is simply stunning, Alice you look so beautiful and elegant :-)

    Love the trestle tables and hessian runners and the walled garden, it all works so well together and looks like a beautiful fun filled day!

    I would like to know what size the big round balloons are, I keep finding ones that are 36″ which sounds ginormous!!

  9. Kate

    Wow what a dress!!! love the headpiece too x

  10. Wow, gorgeous dress and beautiful setting. The photographer, Harriet, shot our big day too and she is just amazing. As these lovely, natural photos show… x

  11. OK, things I love about this wedding…the fact that the bride’s name is Alice (I know that is a childish reason but I don’t really care) I love Alice’s dress, she looks absolutely stunning, and I love that she made 130 metres extra of bunting! Alice sounds like my kinda girl :) Congratulations!! x

  12. What an amazing venue. And such a pretty dress and head piece.

  13. Marine

    I absolutely love the dress and the venue, what a great wedding ! Where did you find the white rabbit !

  14. Hi Lauren,
    Credit where it’s due, the bride and bridesmaids flowers look beautiful!

    Everyone looks like they really enjoyed themselves. Compliments to longacres nursery.

    Kind regards,

    Dee (Gwillim Florists)

  15. Nicola

    oooh I think this is probably one of my fave RL dresses of the year, LOVE it. And that back view of the dress is an amazing photo – it looks like a photo shoot!
    IKWYM about invitations, I made mine too, (singlehanded) and tried not to think about how long it had taken to do the first 30 -argh!
    How many metres of bunting?! You HAVE to sell it or at the very least hire it out! I would have used it no matter how little it was needed for all that sewing…

  16. That dress is absolutely stunning!

  17. Great venue for this stylish wedding! Stunning dress! x

  18. Heather

    Congratulations! Beautiful wedding.

    Alice – where did you get the hessian table runners from? I’ve been searching all over!

  19. Jane Bourvis is incredible! I love the dress, and wow what a venue!

  20. Beautiful pictures with a light, breezy cool feel. And the half buried dog is brilliant, Where can I get one?!

  21. Alice witheridge

    Hello all,
    Thank you so much for the kind words! It was a wonderful day!
    In answer to some questions, Heather we purchased the hessian from kbt fabric which sells it buy the metre and as it was quite wide I cut it down the middle and it made double the amount! We have a whole roll of uncut 50 metres if you live anywhere near godalming we could sell you for a good price? (again slight over estimate on the amount needed, maths was never my strong point haha!) you can emayou’re if you are interested. Miss vix the size of the balloons is indeed 36″, they are pretty enormous, make sure you get a jumbo helium barrel as it uses up a lot of gas, ours cost about £100. Also its worth paying slightly more for better quality ones as some cheep ones from amazon had holes in . As far as the little doggy goes he has allways lived in my parents in law’s garden so I can’t help with that one iam afraid. Feel free to ask any more questions :) xxx

  22. Mum

    I never tire of looking at the photos. All the wonderful memories come flooding back. What mother-of-the-bride could not be proud of such a beautiful, talented, hard-working, amazing daughter. Now I also have a lovely son-in-law. No mum could ask for more. XX



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